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Monday, January 17, 2011

Two More Selvage Edge Ideas

My youngest son has a patriotic room, and since selvage edges almost always "read" as white, I thought it would be fun to incorporate them into something for his wall. This is just a start - a top only, but it is something. Some have really funny words on them. My favorite in this one is "good dog." He really likes it!
I had one or two rectangles leftover, so I made them into bookmarks. The fun with these is endless! I used bleached muslin as a foundation, and just pinned and pieced long strips of selvages onto the muslin with white thread, sewn by machine. I overlap the edges slightly, and I don't worry about fraying, because they are so tightly woven. 

This last photo shows how I pinned the edges onto the muslin. After this step I cut them into rectangles and used them like regular fabric in my rail fence blocks.

For the bookmarks, I cut a rectangle of polka dot fabric 3/4" or so, too large. I then folded and pressed the edges inward, mitering the corners. I then placed the selvage rectangle on top, and used satin-stitch appliqué to finish it off nice and neatly!

I hope some of you will come up with your own selvage edge projects and post them here!


Maxi Fortend said...

Love both ideas, especially thinking of using the funny worded ones!

Nutmeg Quilts said...

Thanks! That is how Kay has hers sorted, some by funny phrases, some by color, and some by cool designs for the color tags - they're not just circles anymore!