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Wednesday, December 14, 2011
Here is the faux piped binding that I learned about the other day on TLC's blogspot.
Thank you TLC! I love how this turned out, and it was just the right touch to finish this wonderful quilt.

This project was a "Round Robin" amongst friends that are also members of my quilt guild. I constructed the center block which is a variation of the block called "Old Favorite" and by doing so, declared that this would be a 30's scrap quilt. I then passed it on to Linda, the next member of the group of 5. We pulled the name of a border technique out of a hat, and got sawtooth, so she added a sawtooth border and passed it on. Don't you love that little stripey fabric in there? It is the cutest. (See close-ups below.)

After having the restriction of doing a sawtooth border, we quickly decided that for the following rounds we could do whatever we wanted or thought the quilt needed.

Applique was expertly done by Nancy, and need I say more? Kay cleverly echoed the sawtooth border design and I really think this helps tie it all together. Lastly Jean added the border with the rounded corners - something extra fun and unique for this quilt! Love it!!!
I went to the quilt shop to find fabrics for binding, and came home with three. I also had a blue gingham which I did not use. I chose to do the yellow piped "look" because it separates the pink in the corner detail from the pink binding.

This technique is so easy, and even allows machine sewing for the final turning. I did NOT hand finish the binding. You gotta try this! I think I'm going to do all of my bindings this way now!

Don't you just love it when you get excited about a new technique that saves time, and looks great? I do!
I really put a lot of thought into quilting this quilt, and I am pleased with the results. God bless the makers of water soluble ink pens. They are marvelous and my little blue Clover pen is a cherished notion that obeys me well. Every time I say that prayer "Please let it really not stay blue" it listens every time. A few squirts with the spray bottle and we are back to pristine parchment! 

Sorry for being heavy on the pictures today. It is just a quilt that needs to be celebrated because it was so much fun and inspired learning and solidified friendships.

Thank you Linda, Nancy, Kay and Jean for this wonderful project! Wanna do it again?  :)