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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Knitty Bitty

Well, I said I would, and I am: Posting about passions other than quilting today, that is. I made this scarf recently, and wouldn't you know, I got the pattern off another blog? Sure enough. So thank you That Crafty Mom for your free scarf pattern! (See my blog list to find her.)

I used Lana Bambu (Bamboo/Wool blend,) color 11. I love it. It turned out really well, and since I am a relatively new knitter, I am pleased and proud of my creation, and love how it looks on my coat. It looks better there, than on my guest bathroom towel rack, but that's a great way to photograph it since it was nice and bright in there, so...

There's my Knitty Bitty post! Have a great day!


Maxi Fortend said...

It's even prettier in person!