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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Quilter's Poetry

This is a poem I wrote, hope you like it!
Patient is the Quilter
by Meg Tryba

Sharpened pencil, paper: graph,
Quarter-inch seam, quilter’s math

Patient is the quilter, Sketching star blocks
Second chance, colors dance, cotton in stock

Quilt show, must go, judge’s ribbon best
Don’t touch, just look, fingers never rest

Inspiration comes from every which way
Color, value, quilted curves, file them away

Log Cabin, Pinwheel, Broken Dishes, Fan
Toad in a Puddle, Dutchman’s Puzzle, purse-holding man

Grandmother’s Flower Garden, Double Wedding Ring
Oh-so-pretty patchwork, needle on a string

Way-home-stop, quilt shop, thimble, rulers, cash
Cutting mat, quarters fat, always adding stash

Tree of life, Feathered Star, Lady of the Lake,
Wall hanging, table runner, many quilts to make!

Home, supper, bath and bed? No! Quilters never sleep!
Sewing room, time alone, long late hours keep

Wash, starch, press, fold, colors in a stack
Floral, plaid, strip, batik: choices never lack

Measure twice, cut precise, strips across the grain
Piecing, pressing, squaring up, hours entertain

Call a friend, advice to lend, how to quilt the top?
Mark, stretch, layer, baste, once you start can’t stop!

Rock the needle forth and back, lines are crisp and clean,
Patience required...
Fingers tired...
Finish by machine?

Strips of binding, true and right, corners mitered neat,
Warmth and love in every stitch, quilt at last complete!


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