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Friday, November 19, 2010


This Month I participated in a challenge from a former guild member, Carol, who was cleaning out her fabric stash areas, (a.k.a. hiding places from the hubby,) and decided to GIVE each guild member a piece or pieces of fabric. That's right, she GAVE US FREE FABRIC!

We got our fabric in April at our guild meeting, and we each got at least one piece of fabric. On the fabrics were tags with stickers. My fabric was a group of two colors I really liked but my sticker was a picture of a hair dryer. Apparently hair dryers are lucky, because I got to trade up to a bigger "Mystery" bag of fabric. I asked the girls if I should trade, and they all said, "YES!!!!" So this is a photo of the fabrics in my big bag of goodies. Are you inspired by these colors? I was! Our project could be whatever we wanted and it was due at the November meeting when prizes would be awarded. Check some future posts, to see the results!