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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Batiks Taking Form

This looks a bit like a mess and for now I'm calling it "Log Cabin Squid." To me it is something very oddly appealing and clearly still in progress. I don't know - I'm kind of proud of it in its early development stages. But sometimes this is how great ideas evolve and though my design wall looks different now, I enjoy sharing the process with you. I also like to come back to photos of my steps in the creative process and see the junctions at which I made changes and decisions. Sometimes those snapshots into the past lead me to various new ideas and themes at later dates. It is a good thing. DaVinci's drawings (not to equate myself with his genius!) still give much insight to people yet today. And so I keep all of my sketches and photos like this in the hope that one day, someone, including myself, might be inspired by them. You just never know from when and where that next great idea will come!
Here is the center of the quilt. It is a completed block now, and the rest is coming together. I will show you more at a later date!