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Saturday, February 26, 2011

What is on your Design Wall right now?

Churn Dash blocks that will become a (much bigger) "Caring Quilt" for the guild

A design wall is something I never thought I would use. But suddenly I took a class and there it was in front of me, and I knew I had to have one at home, too. What did I do? I invested a whopping $3 bucks on a flannel-backed vinyl table cloth and hung it up in my craft room. Fabric and blocks automatically stick to it and if one day they don't, I'll give 'em a shot of basting spray and we'll be back in business.

This is an incredibly valuable tool for a visual person and a designer like me. Why? Somehow, putting colors together goes much better if you can stand back and look from afar. Flipped blocks and little mistakes jump out at you as well, if looked at from across the room.

So find some wall space, and get your designer hat on and lay out some of those old orphan blocks you have. I know you do....make a wall quilt out of one by adding some nice pieced borders, or put those extra blocks from that exchange into a wall quilt and give it as a gift. Not enough time? Sew them into a pillow top and it'll be done lickety split. I'm tellin' ya, that design wall will get a spring in your step and you'll see a creative difference! Post a photo of what is on your wall - we all need inspiration!